Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet Daisy

Don't mess with Daisy. I mean, she's a pit bull. That means she's a threat, a menace, a mean-tempered, foul-breathed, snotting, frothing, four-legged killing machine. She eats babies and takes no prisoners.

Wait a minute. Does this look like a threat to you?

Truth is, Daisy is about as menacing as her name implies. But you'd never guess that from the reactions I get when I tell people she's a pit bull. Because the breed has been stereotyped so much, almost nobody believes me when I say "Really, she's a nice dog." Instead, I get treated like I'm stupid and irresponsible for having such a "dangerous" animal.

Dangerous? Really? Daisy plays with squeaky toys, she has about five beds throughout our house, she begs for scraps like it's her job, and she can't walk past our six-month-old son without giving him a slurp. Menacing? Only if you're one of the squirrels in our backyard ... and even that's debatable.

Pit bull enthusiasts know what the breed's true qualities are: loyal, loving, social as hell, eager to please. Daisy is all of these things. And because of that, I'm dedicating this blog to her.